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Bella Luna

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Maireann Croi e'adrom i bhfad
                (A light heart lives long)
copyright  2008 Ruth Keyes


My eyes are the stars

that gaze down from the heavens,

my voice is the sound

of the waves on the sea,

my hair is the color of

berries and moonlight,

and my wings will ever shelter thee.

The vine is my lover

and I am the branches,

my arms will embrace

both the ivy and loam,

I seek no horizon,

and I revel in chances,

like wind I race

the ocean foam.

The moon knows well,

if you'll but ask her,

I live beside her,

endless youth,

the springtime blossoms

court my laughter,

and in my hands I hold the truth.

The years that turn are only movements

in the everlasting dance,

and Joy alone

will guide you home,

if you give her but a chance.

My hope is strong,

my voice is merry,

rejoice with me

in ancient song,

the seasons cry

with joy the message,

A merry heart, it liveth long!


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