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Bella Luna

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Dance Upon the Mountain
copyright 2008 Ruth Keyes

Dance golden in the sunlight,
reaching past the silence
of a thousand everyday whispers
and embrace the sky as though it were your own.
Dance barefoot on the mountain
before the sea comes crashing -
and take for your garland
the light of a thousand mornings past
and a thousand mornings,
waiting yet to come.
Dance glorious at evening,
bound only by your shadow,
leaping behind you from
moment to moment
but never really holding you down at all.
Dance wildly as the wind does,
each corner of existence
beckoning brightly,
so nothing seems truer
than taking flight
in the direction you heart tells you
it is yearning most dearly to go.
Think you still that time is ever fleeting?
yet you and your dreams are fleeter footed still.
The clouds will not mind if you mingle now among them
joy is everlasting, if you never leave the heights,
and you alone can climb to reach the summit.

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