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Bella Luna

Mother's Wish
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Mother's Wish
copyright 2008 Ruth Keyes


What can I give you, my child,

to ease your dance through this journey we call life?

What can I teach that will nurture and protect,

strengthen and instruct,

soothe, and bring you joy?

Shall I tell you to sing to the sky?

Shall I tell you to befriend every star?

Shall I tell you to romp with the prairie dog,

leap beside the deer, soar with the eagle,

roar with the lion, hunt with the wolf

and howl at the moon?

Will you have the babble of the creek on the mountain

as your very own sweet endless lullabye?

Shall I tie up a dream in the silk of the night sky,

play you a tune on the desert sands,

or coax flowers into blossom just to see you smile?

Yes, my child, I will give you  all of that and more,

when I give to you my heart.



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