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About the Ladies of Nightingale

Nightingale is two woman harmony singing duo from Clearwater. Both also members of the folk gospel band Keyestone, These Ladies specialize in vocal harmony performances, both acapella and with instrumentation. Their material ranges from Irish and Celtic ballads to original and traditional folk and gospel. Ruth Keyes also performs with Sorrows Away and The Ally Smith Band. Michaele DeForrest studied at the Montgomery College of music, and was recently enticed  away from doing Opera to sing Folk Music with Ruth!  They recently enjoyed performing at the Pinellas Folk Festival, in beautiful Heritage Village. For more information, to book Nightingale, or to contact Michaele and Ruth, please e-mail us at folkchick3@netzero.net. Feedback is appreciated!
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To check out the Nightingale Blog, click here!

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Sorrows Away